Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Journey Part 1

Setting: Kanto Regon, Cerulean City, her parents gmy; 'Pokemon Pump'.

The Begging: Eevee was my first Pokemon. Mt Mother and Father gave her to me on my 16th birthday. I was so happy to have such a versatile pokemon! A Eevee, who would have ever guessed thats what my father would have found for me! I still to this day haven't decided what to change her into, Id rather let it be a surprise and let my baby come into her own one day when she is ready. If that makes any sense? Though im sure everyone half expected me to turn her into a Vaporeon the first chance I got considering how close I was with the towns gym leadrs daughters, mainly Misty. They were the 4 sisters that ran the Cerulean city gym. A water Pokemon gym to be exact. Misty was the youngest of the 4 sisters, Daisy, Violet and Lilly were much older then us and took charg of the gym mostly. along with their show witch between you and me they enjoyed much more then being gym leaders!But thats another story.
When I left home I headed south toward Saffron city home to the psychic gym leader Sabrina. I took a stab at it but her crazy Abra wiped the floor with me! That was when I knew that gym battles were not my thing. Now dont get me wrong Im not a hit it and quit it kinda girl but the look on her face, the passion she had for battles and the techniques she employed with her pokemon, it was inspirational. Just in a different way. That battles helped me find my passion. I wanted to capture that feeling forever but not in battling but with my camera. I had always carried a small digital camera with me since I was a young girl. ANd now I knew that I wanted to make that my life. I approached Sabrina a few weeks later after I had saved some moment to buy myself a nice 30mm camera from a pawn shop, and asked her if I could photograph her in her next gym battle. She agreed, her curiosity got the better oher and wanted to see what I was trying to prove. SO when her next challenger approached I stood on the sidelines anchishly awaiting the battle to unflod. And as they each shouted out tehre moves and as Pokemon flew out and fell I captured those moments all on film!
A few days later I brought Sabrina a gift. It was a spetacular photo of her beloved abras defeat, but instead on being angry that the photo I had chosed to give to her was one of loss, she was overjoyed. She had loved the photo, she had even hung in in her office for all to see! Even though she and her Abra had lost the batte, the way she looked down at her wounded Pokemon in the aftermath of the battle, holding it close to her, protecting it from any further harm. You could see the passion in her eyes, the care and love she had for her Pokemmon and her job. From that day on I was a Pokemon Photographer! I would go on into the world to make a name for myself! A name that would live on in the history books!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Name: Lola
Age: 21
Appearance:  Long yellow hair, bright green eyes, 5'5, small frame. She dresses in a her usual red skirt and black t-shirt wit her messenger bag over her right shoulder. Her pokeballs attached to the strap of her bag. 
Backstory: The daughter of a pokemon gym owner. Not a battleing for badges kind of gym but a literal gym to workout in, not just for pokemon trainers but there pokemon as well. He father and mother were both fitness coaches. Her father speclizing in the poeple part and her mother in the Pokemon part. The gym was full of all sorts of equitment that could train any part of your body or any aspect of your pokemon weither it be your battle skills or there contset apeall! Lola loved growwing up in the gym and on her 16th birthday she recived her first pokemon, a Eevee. Her and Eevee went out on there own 6 months later after a little bit o tranning and getting to know each other at the gym.  ANd over the years of travel they became close friends and meet many new friends along the way.

Pokemon Party: Eevee  - Lv. 50
Blastoise - Lv. 37
Pikachu - Lv. 32
Wigglytuff - Lv. 34
Mightyena - Lv. 33
Meowstic - Lv. 31